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Many of the fitness apps and group classes currently available severely lack taking into account you as an individual and your capabilities; thus fail to provide education about the fundamentals of exercise, individual guidance to help clients achieve their personal goals, meet their unique and specific needs, and can unknowingly lead to harm.
Myologie is different.

Whether working in home or virtually, Myologie believes safety is of the utmost importance; with real time instruction, form correction, custom exercises, meticulous attention to detail, frequent check-ins, and 24-hour access to your trainer, Myologie offers the individual care and attention that clients deserve. Additionally, one-on-one virtual training offers flexibility for those who want to workout from home, on vacation, away on business trips, or live in another area but still want the personalized service that Myologie offers. 
Stay motivated while having fun no matter where you are in the world!


The Myologie experience begins with a thorough Consultation which includes:

  • Review of medical history

  • Set realistic goals

  • Scan anatomical alignment

  • Examine and identify movement patterns

  • Evaluate neuromuscular motor control

  • Test core strength, stability, and mobility

  • Assess flexibility

  • Analyze balance, proprioceptive coordination/adaptability

  •  Detect irregularities, which may hinder one’s activity level


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